Midterm exam date set

The midterm exam will be held during class on Friday February 26.  No calculators or electronic devices are permitted.


Homework 5, due Monday Feb 15

  • 2.16(a)(d)(f)
  • 2.17(c)
  • 2.18(c)
  • 2.28(b)
  • 3.12(b)
  • 3.14(a)
  • 3.15(d)
  • Do the following experiment. Generate 40 random numbers between 10000 and 20000.  What fraction of them are prime?  Roughly how many did you expect to be prime (compare exercise 3.19)?

Homework 4, due Monday Feb 8

  • Problem 3.1(a).  Also, describe the algorithm that is used to solve the problem.
  • Problem 3.7
  • Problem 3.6(a),(b-i,b-iii). In part (b), use the method you present in part (a).
  • Problem 3.8
  • Problem 3.9(d). (Don’t just factor N in Wolfram Alpha. Use the given method.)
  • Problem 3.11