Office hours end at 2:30 on Fri Jan 29


Homework 4, due Monday Feb 8

  • Problem 3.1(a).  Also, describe the algorithm that is used to solve the problem.
  • Problem 3.7
  • Problem 3.6(a),(b-i,b-iii). In part (b), use the method you present in part (a).
  • Problem 3.8
  • Problem 3.9(d). (Don’t just factor N in Wolfram Alpha. Use the given method.)
  • Problem 3.11

Homework 1, due Wed Jan 20, 2016

You may use a calculator on these problems, but avoid computer tools that are so powerful that they ruin the fun.

Problems 1.8(a), 1.9(a)(b), 1.11(a), 1.17(a)(c)(e), 1.24(a)(b), 1.26(a), 1.32(a) method (i) only, 1.46.